Free funeral assistance

Lurgan Credit Union provides a FREE benefit for members of up to £3,000 to the beneficiary to help meet funeral expenses on the death of a qualifying member.

To be eligible for receipt of Funeral Assistance members must

  • Join Lurgan Credit Union before their 70th birthday
  • Have been a member for a minimum of 12 months
  • Maintained a share balance of NOT LESS than a £100 throughout the 12 months preceding the date of death
  • Have been NO MORE than 12 weeks in arrears on any loan repayments at time of death

Please note:

  • Only first named on joint accounts eligible
  • The Board of Directors retains the right to review and amend the conditions of cover at any time.


When a loved one dies

To notify Lurgan Credit Union of the death of a member, a personal representative should call in to the office with the original death certificate.

To enable us to proceed with the life savings claim we may require the following information:

  • Usual duties of occupation
  • Date last performed duties of occupation
  • Reason for stopping work
  • Date last in good health

We will then complete an Insurance Claim if the member is eligible. The claim is sent to our insurance company and this process can take approximately between eight and ten weeks from the date we receive all necessary information.

After the claim is returned and approved by the Board of Directors we will notify the beneficiary and the person named on the Funeral Bill if eligible for Funeral Assistance for payout.