Helping Hands Donation Presentation

On 29th of January 2016, we held a presentation for the Helping Hands charity.

Helping Hands operates in Lurgan and Moldova, with an aim to raise the basic human living standard. This is done by helping local families with household items they require, and to work with members of the community with special needs.  Helping Hands raises funds through supermarket & street collection, and their shop. Household items and toys are donated to the shop, which are then sold for funds, or given directly to families. The money they collect is used to purchase items such as wheelchairs, clothing, furniture, cutlery, crockery, heating and toys for children.

Our donation will help struggling members of our community by providing them with the items they need in their home, and the heating they require in these cold months.

Helping Hands 28.1.16 (2)

Terry Lenehan (Treasurer LCU) handing the donation cheque to Billy Turkington of Helping Hands.