International Credit Union Day – People Helping People

On the 15th of October 2015, we will be joining 57,000 other Credit Unions around the world to celebrate International Credit Union Day 2015.

This is an annual event which celebrates the roles that credit unions play in improving the communities we serve, and the lives of the members of these communities. Each year, this event offers the opportunity to remember the credit unions’ proud history and to promote the awareness of and support for the credit union’s difference. This year’s theme, “People helping people” embraces the long-standing philosophy we have always held; that people can improve their financial well-being by working together.

The Irish credit union movement is one of the most popular and effective in the world with over 3.3 million members across all 32 counties. We, like all credit unions, exist to serve our members. As credit unions are not-for-profit, we do this by providing a great, safe place to save money and earn interest from it, and by providing affordable loans. This way, we provide an effective and viable alternative to for-profit financial institutions.

Established in December 1963, we have been serving the people of Lurgan for almost 52 years. We have done this by holding in excess £61 million in shares, and by providing in excess £25.5 million in loans across all 27,382 members. Additionally, we are supporting schools, sports teams and local community projects through sponsorships and donations.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.