New Car Loan

Lurgan Credit Union are pleased to introduce our new car loan!!

  • Only 6.5% APR
  • Interest charged on reducing balance only
  • No early repayment penalty
  • Up to 5 years repayment term
  • £150.00 needed in shares

Starting 1st April 2015 – Call in and speak to our staff or apply online.

new car loan apr 2015


May 2015

A member said his last car was hire purchase for £3500 and ended up paying over £2000 more in interest. This time he applied for £5000 with us, with total interest of £375.00. He is delighted that we have offered this product.

24th of July 2015

A member compared our quote with a hire purchase and discovered that we were saving them £26 per month.

September 2015

Member was delighted with the car loan product as the repayments were low and affordable along with her main loan. She did not need do lodge additional shares into her account to take advantage of this loan due to the low £150 requirement

October 2015

A member couldn’t believe how much cheaper our car loan was compared to hire purchase. Our loan was much more affordable to him.