International Credit Union Day 2022

Empower Your Financial Future

Make an informed choice about where your money goes

Other Benefits:

Commission Free Foreign Exchange and International transfers

Paypoint machine for easy bill paying

Credit Transfers to friends/family and bill payments

Debit Card payments over the phone so no need to visit the office

CU Online+ so you can check your balances from the comfort of your own home or on the go

Life Savings Protection

This service rewards eligible members for their ongoing supporting

of their credit union and for saving with their credit union. It is designed to protect members while they save, and in the unfortunate event of a member’s death, it can pay a benefit to the person(s) nominated by the deceased member.

The calculation of the Life Savings insurance

benefit is based on a member’s lowest savings

balance(s), and/or the age of the member, up

to £15,000, the maximum cover limit.

This service is subject to insurance policy terms and conditions but simply summarised, the

following rules apply regarding savings:

  • any savings lodged by a member on or after age 70 will not form part of the

benefit calculation and,

  • any withdrawals of savings may reduce any benefit payable and,
  • any savings lodged must be done when the member was actively at work and regularly performing all the usual duties of their occupation or when they were in good health.


At the heart of every credit union is its volunteers. Unlike other financial institutions, the board of directors in a credit union are made up of volunteers – members who have the skills and knowledge to lead and manage it. Whether you are looking for a leadership role, to gain experience and training or want to give something back to your community and meet like-minded peoplecredit unions offer invaluable volunteering opportunities. 

If you are interested in this type of opportunity contact us today for more information